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Development of Autonomous Intelligent Robotic Wheel Chair - Low end low cost model

Type:  Product
IPR Status:  Others
Secured In:  India
  • Personal mobility vehicle for physically challenged persons with various levels of disability as well as aged and ill persons
  • Joystick based intelligent control system reduces or eliminates the user's task of driving a wheelchair.
  • Rehabilitation purpose.
Salient Technical Competing Features: 
  • Differentially steered, six wheel configuration with active suspension
  • Fully electronic soft touch control
  • Joystick based command
  • Infrared based safety interlock for emergency stop
  • On board charging facility
  • Totally Modular design with easy & quick maintenance. Active suspension on all wheels
  • Collapsible foot rest
  • Interchangeable seating
  • Longer endurance (12hrs for intermittent running)
  • Specialized design package to suit customized fabrication for various levels of disability.
Status of Commercialization:  Ready for licensing of technology
Techno Economic:  Being a very advanced mobility aid for physically challenged persons, techno-economic considerations are not important. Besides, in India, there is no manufacturer of similar advanced systems for physically challenged persons.
Technology Package:  Design & drawing, Technical report, Bill Of Materials, Publication List/IPR
Level/Scale of Development:  This project was undertaken to design and develop technology for powered wheelchair by utilizing the advantage of robotic technology for physically challenged persons.

Last updated : 25 Oct, 2017